Lisa Stephens - Singer

Lisa Stephens has been singing  since she can remember  being on this earth. Lisa grew up in the Church  singing for  GOD . Lisa attended a proper  school that  helped  expand  her  talents as a vocalist  . Lisa Stephens  while attending  her  fame school  won  competition after  competition in vocal contest  . Now lisa is working on her  first  solo album and is currently in the studio recording.  Lisa Stephens invites you to  join her on her  musical journey  all over  the globe. 

  Lisa's new Songs "UNBREAK ME","YOU LIFT ME UP" and "JUST BELIEVE"  are stirring souls all over the world . Radio, social media and her  fans are responding wonderfully . Lisa's message is clear  "trust  in GOD and anything is possible"  as he will lift you up if you  Just  believe !!

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